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August 2017 Writing Goals Review and September 2017 Writing Goals

It’s September, so there are only four months of 2017 left. I really don’t know what happened to the year. It’s funny how at the start of a year you think you have plenty of time to complete your goals, and then before you know it, the year is nearly finished. So, what happened in August? Well, I finally have some good news to share. I completed one goal last month. Yes, I know one isn’t a lot, but this was a goal I have been trying to complete for ages.

So, what were my August writing goals? Well, my August writing goals were:

  • Writing Goal 1: Finish 3rd draft of my novel
    Result: Yes, I did it. I finally finished the third draft of my novel (a year later lol). To be honest, I never expected to be able to say this, but during the last two weeks of August, I was determined to get it done. I had to be rough with myself, and I had to drop many of my other projects and focus solely on the novel to get it finished, but it was worth it. I’m now on a two-week break (from the novel that is), and then I’ll start the fourth draft. I’m aiming to have my fifth draft completed before the end of the year, so I can then send it to my beta readers. I don’t have any more time to waste, so I definitely will not take a year to do the fourth draft or the fifth.
  • Writing Goal 2: Finish planning my psychological horror novella and start writing
    Result: I had hoped I would have finished this, but I didn’t manage to. It can be difficult to concentrate during the evenings, which is when I work on my novella, so I never get as much done as I hope. However, I am reaching the end, and should be done by the end of this week. Then I can move on to planning my next novel.
  • Writing Goal 3: Finish Flash Fiction Collection – edit 5 stories
    Result: I spent August mostly focusing on my novel, so I never had time to work on my flash fiction collection.
  • Writing Goal 4: Work on ideas for next novel
    Result: I’ve not had a chance to work on my next novel idea, but I do know which novel I will write next. It will be the first book in my supernatural mystery series. I’ve decided to work on something less dark for a change.
  • Writing Goal 5: Submit one short story
    Result: I did start working on some short stories to submit, but so I could finish my novel 3rd draft I had to put them aside.

So, I might not have completed as much as I had hoped in August, but I did manage to complete the most important project, which is my novel, so I’m feeling really proud of myself. I finally told myself that I could do it, and I did. I had to work long hours, and I had to drop a lot of other stuff, but I finally found the motivation that I have spent seven months looking for. I just hope I can stay motivated in September.

So, now it’s September, I actually do have some new goals that I hope to achieve.

My September Writing Goals

  • Start novel 4th draft – edit 26 chapters
  • Finish planning my psychological horror novella and start writing
  • Finalise 8 stories for flash fiction collection
  • Plan supernatural mystery series book 1
  • Submit 3 short stories

As I mentioned above, I will only be taking a two-week break from my novel, but I’m hoping that will be long enough to have some distance, so I can clearly see any issues. To be honest, I started the third draft last year, so the start of the novel will feel like I’m reading it for the first time. I will finish planning my novella this week, and then I can start writing. I’m aiming to have this written before November because I plan to take part in this year’s NaNoWriMo. During my two week break, I’m planning to finally edit some of the flash fictions in my flash fiction collection, and I want to submit three short stories. So, as always, I have a lot of plans, but I’m hoping this time more of my goals will get a green tick.

How are you doing with your writing goals? I hope you’re doing well. Feel free to comment below either way. I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing.

Keep writing, folks!

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