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Possessed by Niki Valentine

Who do you trust when you can no longer trust your mind? This is the idea behind the Niki Valentine novel titled Possessed, and it’s this sentence, which is found on the back of the book, that caught my attention.

Possessed is about a young woman called Emma who has been accepted at a prestigious music school, something which isn’t easy for a person with her background (most students have rich parents). However, with this new opportunity she is determined to exceed, and show everyone that she deserves her place, but things go wrong when the twins Sophie and Matilde come crashing into her life and demand her attention. Then, Matilde commits suicide, and Emma is left wondering what’s real and what isn’t.

With the reference to The Black Swan, I was hoping for a dark, mind tormenting story that could even cause the reader to doubt what is real and what isn’t; however, that wasn’t the case. Not connecting with the main character, Emma, was the main issue. She wasn’t necessarily unlikeable, but I found it difficult to work out who she was as a person, and why she was so easy to influence. Now while the story wasn’t scary, it did keep my curiosity until the end. The book was easy to read and had an interesting idea; however, I would have preferred the story to be darker and more disturbing.

I would be interested in reading another novel by Niki Valentine because I found the book easy to read, and it kept my interest until the end.

Keep writing, folks!

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