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Calling in the Parents by Nicole J. Simms

Sophie Ellis glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. It was five fifteen, and Samuel’s parents still hadn’t arrived. She had worried about this, feared the response she would receive from Samuel’s parents. Would they turn up? Would they be rude? Would she need security?

Sophie’s stomach growled and gurgled. I’ll be late for dinner if I don’t leave now, she thought. So she stood up and gathered her paperwork; surely she wasn’t expected to wait any longer. Three loud knocks rapped on the door. Sophie paused. ‘Come, come in,’ she said, returning to her seat and rearranging her cardigan.

The door opened and Samuel’s parents, Mr and Mrs Rogers, entered the room. Mrs Rogers looked stern, and Mr Rogers’ arms were folded across his chest. Yes, Sophie did have a fight on her hands. ‘Mr and Mrs Rogers, please take a seat,’ said Sophie, pointing to the chairs in front of her desk.

Mrs Rogers sat down first, followed by Mr Rogers. ‘Sorry we’re late, we had trouble finding someone to watch the kids,’ said Mrs Rogers.

‘Oh, that’s fine.’ Sophie grabbed the pen on her table and started to fiddle with it. ‘Right, we best get to why I asked for you to come in.’ Mr Rogers sighed. ‘We’ve had some trouble with Samuel today. He said it was just a joke, but poor Alice was really upset.’

‘What did he do?’ asked Mrs Rogers, her eyes narrowed on Sophie.

Sophie’s cheeks warmed. She cleared her throat. ‘Well, it was Alice’s birthday today, so she brought in a chocolate cake for everyone–’

‘What did he do?’ Mrs Rogers leaned forward.

‘Well, Samuel decided to put the cake, Alice had brought in to class, on her chair, so when she returned to her seat, she sat on her cake, and you can imagine–’

‘Is that it?’ Sophie looked at Mr Rogers. His lack of rage at his son’s behaviour surprised Sophie.

‘I don’t think you understand the severity of the situation. Not only did Samuel do a bad thing, but he also doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong.’ Sophie felt the pen dig into her hand. She released the pen and sat back. It wouldn’t be right nor professional to lose her temper. ‘I thought it would be best that I asked for you to come in so we can solve the problem. You should know this isn’t the first time that Samuel has disrupted the class.’

‘Of course we know he’s naughty. We send the bloody demon here for a rest,’ said Mr Rogers.

Mrs Rogers nudged her husband.

‘Well, yes, but we can’t allow this behaviour to continue.’ Sophie rubbed the back of her neck.

‘It’s alright for you. You’re not the one who has to bloody live with the beast.’ Mr Rogers winced. Sophie spotted Mrs Rogers leg move back quickly to her side of the table.

‘Even so, we cannot allow this to continue. I believe if we place firm rules and work together we can solve the problem,’ said Sophie.

‘The only thing that will help is some holy water,’ said Mr Rogers.

‘John, can you pack it in,’ said Mrs Rogers. She faced Sophie. ‘My husband’s just joking, of course. You won’t kick Samuel out, will you? I mean, he’s only six. I’m sure he’ll grow out of it.’ Mrs Rogers leaned forward, hands clasped together as if she was praying.

Sophie felt a weird vibe coming from the couple. Was Mr Rogers joking?

‘Well, no, but–’

‘Great.’ Mrs Rogers stood up. She tapped her husband on the shoulder. Mr Rogers shuffled in his seat, sighed, and then stood up. ‘We’ll talk to him. I’m sure he’ll be fine.’

‘Well, if you need any help, do feel free to talk to me, and we can see what we can–’

‘We’ll sort it.’ Mrs Rogers strained a smile. ‘Come on, John, we need to get back to the kids.’ Mr Rogers grimaced and followed Mrs Rogers towards the door. Before leaving the room, he turned to Sophie and mouthed the words help us. He then turned and hurried out of the room.

Sophie’s mouth fell open, and her mind wandered back to the words Mrs Rogers had said, ‘My husband’s just joking, of course.’ Sophie faced the closed door. Was Mr Rogers joking? Sophie hoped so.

The End

Copyright © 2018 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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