Nicole J. Simms


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  • My Sweet Gift to You
  • My Sweet Gift to You

    9th January 2017

    ‘My Sweet Gift to You’ is a 100-word story (drabble). This story was originally written for the 2016 Reader’s Digest 100-word competition. Sadly, I wasn’t shortlisted, but I did manage ...Read More

  • Card with my prize money from NineVoices
  • Meeting the Parents

    16th November 2016

    ‘Meeting the Parents’ is a 50-word story. This story was written for the NineVoices’ 2016 50-word Halloween competition. For the competition, I had to write a 50-word story inspired by ...Read More

  • The Nativity - Christmas Chillers III
  • The Nativity

    14th December 2015

    ‘The Nativity’ is a 1987-word Christmas horror. I originally wrote this story for the Spinetinglers 2014 Christmas competition. However, I wasn’t successful, so I decided to return the story to ...Read More

  • Not so Fake After All

    21st April 2015

    ‘Not so Fake After All’ is a 414-word flash fiction. I wrote this story for one of my writing group assignments. For the assignment, we had to write a story ...Read More