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Caught Up in Murder

‘Caught Up in Murder’ is a 4100-word psychological horror short story, which deals with the consequences of those pushed to the brink. The story was originally created for an anthology called ‘The Darkness Within’ but sadly it wasn’t successful. To my surprise, I was later contacted with the news that my story was to be used in another anthology titled ‘The Dark Bard’. The news couldn’t have come at a better time. Now the anthology is up and ready for sale.

The story idea for ‘Caught up in Murder’ first came from a character I had created while doing my free creative writing course called Endless Story Ideas. There was something dark about the character, and it wasn’t until I needed a character with darkness within that I found a perfect situation for him. The story looks at the difficulties of family, relationships and into self.

Story Blurb

With his life backing up against him, Paul finds himself embroiled in a new and twisted world leaving him with a question. Could I be involved in murder?

My story is now published in ‘The Dark Bard’ anthology and can be bought from Lulu and Amazon.

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