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December Writing Goals Review

It’s now January and December is a distant memory. December was my last chance to achieve my 2017 writing goals, but sadly, it wasn’t a productive month. However, it wasn’t a complete failure, and I did have some success.

So, what were my December writing goals? Well, my December writing goals were:

  • Writing Goal 1: Novel 4th draft – edit 50,000 words (part of NaNoEdMo)
    Result: I didn’t work on my novel at all in December. I’ve neglected my novel for the last three months. I’m annoyed at myself because I could have at least completed the fourth draft before the year finished, but hey, when life distracts you there’s nothing much you can do about it. I’m not giving up on this novel, though. I’ve worked too hard and come too far to stop now. I will simply dust myself off and try again.
  • Writing Goal 2: Write my psychological horror novella (part of NaNoWriMo)
    Result: I started writing the novella, but I didn’t write much. I did wonder if I should put it aside and move on to my next novel, but I’ve been trying to tell this story for years (since 2013), and so I will carry on until it’s written.
  • Writing Goal 3: Supernatural Mystery Series – Plan and finish village building
    Result: Again, I didn’t work on this. I am considering leaving this project for a little while, and start work on the next standalone instead because it will take a long time to finish, and it’ll hold up my other projects, and since I’m already behind I do need to move forward. And while writing the standalone, I will return to building my village and planning my story. It’s a tough decision, but it is one I need to make soon – I don’t want to waste any more time.
  • Writing Goal 4: Submit 4 short stories
    Result: The little time I had to concentrate on my writing, I mostly worked on my short stories. I didn’t submit four, but I did submit two short stories. Neither was accepted, but I am happy that I was able to write, edit, and submit something.
  • Writing Goal 5: Flash Fiction Collection – finalise 4 stories
    Result: I didn’t work on my flash fiction collection at all.
  • December wasn’t a great month. It can be tricky to concentrate on your writing when you have distractions such as Christmas and other things, but it wasn’t a complete failure. I won’t give up, though. One day I will write a post telling you all that I have finally completed my goals, just you wait and see.

    Did you complete your goals for December? Feel free to comment below, either way. I’d love to hear how everyone else is doing.

    Keep writing, folks!

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