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Don't Downplay Your Successes

Recently, I’ve noticed that there’s something I do a lot when I talk about my writing successes, even saying the word ‘successes’ makes me wonder if I’m exaggerating. And that’s the problem. I always downplay my achievements.

Even after all these years of writing, and finally feeling brave enough to call myself a writer, I still make out that my writing accomplishments are only minor. I often say, “Oh, it was only published on a website” or “I don’t have that many stories published” whenever I speak to people about my writing.

So, why do I do it? Well, I read an interesting post from my fellow Horror tree writer titled ‘Who’s watching you?’, and in the post it stated that we (writers) spend so much time focusing on our final (or bigger) goals that we often forget just how much we have achieved. The post also made me realise that there are other writers out there who would love to have the publishing credits that I have.

However, it’s not just focusing on my goals too much that cause me to downplay my publishing success; it’s the one and only Mr Self-Doubt. As we all know, he is the one who tells you that you are just not good enough, so, of course, any success we have, if Mr Self-Doubt is nearby, we are going to make out that it’s not a big deal.

But today is the day that I stand up and say, “I will no longer downplay my successes.” Every achievement, no matter how small, should be celebrated because we all know how much hard work goes into this writing business. So be proud people and don’t let Mr Self-doubt keep you down.

Keep writing, folks!

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