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On 3rd October 2017, we (the Oldbury Writing Group) attended the Made in Oldbury exhibition preview where our creative writing newspaper curated by Brendan Jackson was launched.

This was the second time we have worked with Brendan. Our first being the West Bromwich at War reading where we read stories and poems from our anthology titled From Sunrise to Sunset.

The idea for our creative writing newspaper came about last year when Brendan invited us to visit the Sandwell Archives in Smethwick Library. We were then asked to contribute to the Made in Oldbury project and write a poem or short story based on one of the archive photos. My photo was a man who looked like a scientist inspecting liquid in a test tube. This instantly inspired a science fiction horror story (I’m a horror writer after all) which has since received some good feedback. The stories and poems were then put together and printed as the first Oldbury Writing Group newspaper.

At the start of the launch, Angela (our great leader) introduced our newspaper and the group to the audience. Brendan Clifford then treated us to a talk about J.M.W. Turner’s (the artist) Midlands Tour. Ending the evening, we explored the exhibition and saw the work created by other groups who too took part in the project. These groups included artists and youth groups.

The exhibition is at the Arts Café in West Bromwich. And you can find your free copy of our newspaper in Oldbury library, Langley library, Smethwick library, and West Bromwich Central library, but be quick because stocks are limited.

I’m so proud of my writing group and all we have achieved. I really can’t wait to see what we do next.

Has your writing group published anything together? If you have, then feel free to comment below.

Keep writing, folks!

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