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Festival of Drabbles 2015 – The Fairy Surprise

Post date: 15th November 2015
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Festival of Drabbles 2015 - The Fairy Surprise

Here’s my seventh and final drabble titled ‘The Fairy Surprise’.

The Fairy Surprise by Nicole J. Simms©

‘Oh wow,’ I whispered. My eyes fixed on the sparkling figure on my bedside table. I had read many stories about fairies and here, in my bedroom, was one. She’s here for my tooth, I thought, and closed my eyes to a squint.

The fairy landed near my pillow. I gasped. The fairy stopped and looked at me. It then jingled and flew away. Well, I say fairy, but with its bald head and pot belly, it looked more like my dad than a fairy.

So now my dreams of fairies are ruined, and sadly I still have my tooth.

The End

Author’s note: If fairies were real, I doubt they would all be pretty.

That’s it for the Festival of Drabbles 2015. I hope you enjoyed my drabbles and don’t forget there are other websites taking part in the festival so make sure you give them a visit.

Copyright © 2015 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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