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Festival of Drabbles 2015 – The Intruder

Post date: 14th November 2015
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Festival of Drabbles 2015 - The Intruder

Here’s my sixth drabble titled ‘The Intruder’.

The Intruder by Nicole J. Simms©

Vivian has an intruder. She can’t see her, but she hears her opening doors and calling out. ‘Leave, this isn’t your home anymore,’ Vivian shouts, but the intruder refuses to leave.

Scared, Vivian’s husband invited a psychic called Lilith.

They sat around the table and held hands. Lilith closed her eyes. ‘The spirit wants her body back,’ said Lilith, opening her eyes.

‘This is silly.’ Vivian pulled her hand away and stood up.

Standing, Lilith pointed at Vivian. ‘You need to leave her body.’

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Vivian’s husband.

‘It’s time for her to go.’ Vivian grabbed Lilith’s arm. ‘Now!’

The End

Author’s note: What if the ghost wasn’t the real intruder. Things aren’t always as they seem.

Come back tomorrow for another drabble. You can join the event here:

Copyright © 2015 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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