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From Sunrise to Sunset by The Oldbury Writing Group

From Sunrise to Sunset is a World War Two anthology of short stories and poems written by the Oldbury Writing Group.

This anthology focuses on the people rather than the war as a whole. We hear stories of individuals around the world who fought to survive when all hope seemed lost. And even though fictitious, every story and poem have some truth behind them. From Sunrise to Sunset not only focuses on the British and their allies but also focuses on every person who was affected by the war. We want to show that each person, regardless of colour, race, religion, or country of origin, had to make sacrifices and lost more than any person should. This anthology will make you think, laugh, blush, and cry. And we, the Oldbury Writing Group, hope that you finish reading this book with a better understanding of each person’s individual war and fight for survival. In this book, we remember them.

In the anthology you will find my four poems and five short stories:

  • ‘Air Raid Surprise’ – A short story about a young boy’s fear during the blitz, and his struggle with being the newly assigned ‘man of the house’ at the tender age of twelve.
  • ‘Our Colour Is All You Can See’ – A poem about the determination of the Caribbean soldiers who wanted to join the war effort.
  • ‘Please! Sign me up!’ – A short story about a Caribbean man’s perseverance to sign up to fight during the war even when faced with rejection.
  • ‘Dear Mommy’ – A short story about a Caribbean teenager’s sneaky journey to England to join the war effort.
  • ‘Christmas 1940’ – A short story about a mother’s attempts to keep her family’s spirits up during Christmas while dealing with the blitz and her loved ones being away from home.
  • ‘The Women of the War’ – A poem detailing the contributions the women made to the war effort.
  • ‘The So-Called Enemy’ – A short story about an African American’s nurse and her unexpected experience with an injured German Prisoner of War.
  • ‘The Forgotten Army’ – A poem about the forgotten West African soldiers who fought in Burma during the war.
  • ‘Ravensbrück Rabbit’ – A poem about the experiences of Ravensbrück concentration camp experimentation victims.
The Oldbury Writing Group - From Sunrise to Sunset

You can buy the anthology from all online retailers, such as Amazon. See our website for more details:

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