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Heart Breathings’ How to Plan and Write A Series YouTube Series

Last year I decided to write and self-publish a book series. The idea for this came after watching the ‘How to Plan and Write a Series’ videos on the Heart Breathings YouTube channel.

Heart Breathings is a YouTube channel run by the contemporary and paranormal indie author Sarra Cannon. The channel is aimed at writers who are looking to publish books, and who want tips and strategies for making money writing what they love.

The ‘How to Plan and Write a Series’ YouTube series, is an eight-part video series that discusses the process of creating a series from getting the idea to publishing and marketing. Sarra also shares the mistakes she’s made while creating her series in hopes of helping you to avoid making the same mistake.

The Videos

In the first video in the series, Sarra gives an overview of what series is and explains the different types of series and why series are important for book sales.

In the second video, Sarra talks about the differences between character arcs, story arcs and series arcs.

In the third video, Sarra explains how to plan your book series. This video is split into two parts. The first part is where Sarra answers common questions about series planning. And the second part goes through her free ‘How to Plan and Write a Series’ Workbook, which you can download from her resources.

In the fourth video, Sarra talks about creating a series bible, and the ‘Series Bible Checklist’ document that you download for free.

In the fifth video, Sarra discusses the emotional challenges and pitfalls of writing a series of book. Sarra is honest about how it feels to work on a series, which helps you to prepare for working on your own.

In the sixth video, Sarra shares the mistakes she made while publishing her series as an indie author in the hopes of helping you to avoid making the same mistakes.

In the seventh video, Sarra gives us her ten best practices for writing and publishing a book series.

In the eighth and ninth videos, Sarra answers the questions submitted about writing a series.

And, as well as the videos, Sarra offers a ‘How to Write a Series’ workbook—I’ve used many of her workbooks, and they have helped me with my planning.

To gain access to this workbook (and many other useful workbooks), you need to sign up for her Heart Breathings’ newsletter, but don’t worry, you won’t receive loads of emails that you don’t want.

Are you writing a series? Have you watched this Heart Breathings’ YouTube series? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay safe and keep writing and reading, folks!

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