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The first thing I thought when I considered writing my novel was that I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I could write an interesting novel-length story. I had convinced myself that soon I would reach the end and still wouldn’t have a novel length story. Well, how wrong was I? I’m now into my third month and currently at 93,600 words. Now while for many this should be the end, I still have more of the story to tell. I can even see myself going over 100,000, now for a first draft that’s fine, but I’ll have to get those shears out when it comes to the editing process.

I also assumed that I would find the writing process difficult and often sit there staring at a blank page, but like vomit the story has gushed out of me. Sometimes I’m switched off from the outside world and totally absorbed by my story, I’ve often experienced character take over, especially when it comes to speech. It’s exciting and a little scary. So instead of, not being able to write enough, I’m writing too much.

I love it, I really do, and I hope that one day I’ll have readers love it too. Writing this novel has loosened my need for planning. I can plan too much. Being able to go with the flow is refreshing. I’ve set myself some goals, and I’ve decided to break them up into chunks. I’m nearly approaching my first goal, which is to finish the first draft. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, not just with the writing, the research, and the planning, so it would be nice to one day see it in a bookstore. However if it doesn’t I have learned a lot, and the main thing I have learned is that I can write a novel, and really should have more self-belief.

I wrote in my last post about trying to do two sentence horror stories. I’m still working on ideas, but I have one for you.

I always see my reflection glaring at me. The thing is I’m never standing by the mirror when it does. (Nicole J. Simms, 2014)

Keep writing, folks!

My latest, The Horror Tree, post can be found at the link below.

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