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I hadn’t realised how long ago my last post was until I decided to have a look at my website; I have not done any posts since July. However, I must tell you all that I am still in fact writing, editing, and submitting, which is the reason for my blog absence. It can be tricky at times to keep everything up to date; I’m like an octopus minus the arms.

So what have I been up to? Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been writing, editing and submitting short stories, sadly I haven’t received another acceptance, but if I keep at it I’m sure more shall follow. I never expected to be published at all, so I must keep my achievements at the front of my mind when faced with rejection. I’ve also been planning my novella, which is coming along but very slowly, I’m hoping to start writing that soon once I have the story clear in my head. My novel, well, I haven’t proofread that yet, it’s still sitting quietly in its box. I will, however, soon start on that because there’s no point in writing a novel if I’m going to keep it hidden. I’m now also getting back to redesigning my website. I’m planning to purchase a new domain name, and will create a new design. I like the grunge look. I’m hoping that the website will be completed soon without too many issues.

My final news, I am looking to join a writer’s group. It’s a scary idea, but after seeing an advert from my local library about the new group I decided to give it ago. It might not work out, but there is also the chance that it will and good things follow. You don’t know until you try, so I tell myself.

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back, and don’t forget to read my self-doubt fighting posts on The Horror Tree website.

Keep writing, folks!

My latest, The Horror Tree, posts can be found at the links below.

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