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Meeting the Parents

Post date: 16th November 2016
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Card with my prize money from NineVoices

‘Meeting the Parents’ is a 50-word story. This story was written for the NineVoices’ 2016 50-word Halloween competition.

For the competition, I had to write a 50-word story inspired by a photo of gravestones at Whitby Abbey.

For a while, I was stuck for a story idea. I loved the photo, but I couldn’t figure out a good enough story to go with it, especially one that had to be told in 50-words. Then an idea finally popped into my head – it was a eureka moment.

I was so thrilled to find out that I had won this competition.

Story blurb

Tom is keen for Sarah, his new girlfriend, to meet his parents, but unbeknown to Sarah, there’s something different about Tom’s parents.

You can read ‘Meeting the Parents’ on the NineVoices’ website.

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