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Mission M by Nicole J. Simms

I used to love making paper aeroplanes. During class, I would write a secret message on them and fly them to Tommy, my best friend. And it was on one of those occasions that I discovered that I could use my aeroplanes for another mission. I called it Mission M.

So on the third day of Mission M, I added the last fold to my paper aeroplane and picked it up to admire my handiwork. Yes, Tommy was right; I was the best paper aeroplane maker.

I focused on Mrs Hanley, my teacher. Her back faced us while she continued to write sums on the board. I then looked over to Michelle, who sat in the next row. Taking aim, I threw the aeroplane. The plane bounced off Michelle’s chocolate brown curls and dropped to the floor.

Michelle spun around. ‘Miss! That boy,’ she pointed at me, ‘threw something at my head.’

Mrs Hanley faced the class. ‘Johnny, can you please stop throwing things at Michelle.’ Before receiving my apology, she returned her attention to the board.

Michelle scowled at me, picked up the paper aeroplane and crumpled it in her hand. She mouthed the word ‘Loser’, and then threw the screwed up aeroplane at me. With a final look of disgust, she turned around.

With my head in my hands, I smiled. A couple more times and the beautiful Michelle might know my name, I thought.

Sadly, Mission M failed, and Michelle never did learn my name. I did, however, receive a punch to the gut once after I pulled one of her curls. Oh, the woes of young love.

The End

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