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Wow, I can’t believe it’s 2016. As previously mentioned, I have high hopes for this year, so with the new year, I decided to create a list of goals that I would like to achieve. I’ve tried not to overload myself with goals (sometimes you can plan to do too much), but there are some things that I really do want to do this year, especially those that I couldn’t complete in 2015.

It can be important, as a writer, to have clear goals to guide you along your writing journey. Without them, you can often find yourself losing motivation and direction. Ticking off goals, once you complete them, can give any writer a much-needed boost. At times, you can often feel like you are not getting far on this writing journey, so it’s good to remind yourself of what you are actually achieving.

Goals don’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming. You can break them down into smaller and more manageable goals. I read an interesting post titled ‘Macro and Micro Planning’ which gives you great ideas for creating macro and micro goals.

So what are my goals this year? You can see them below. This year I will be focusing more on my bigger projects; I need to get this novel finished. I also want to work more on my poetry and finish editing my huge pile of short stories. I have a busy year ahead of me.

My 2016 Writing Goals

If you want a copy of the writing goals template, you can find it from here:

I wish you all luck for 2016. Keep writing, folks, no matter what.

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