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My Latest Shopping Victim by Nicole J. Simms

‘I saw it first,’ said the woman, grabbing the last size 16 red duffle coat.

‘No, you didn’t.’ I snatched the coat from the woman’s hand.

‘Hey! Give it back!’ She pulled. I pulled. And before I knew it, we ended up in a tussle.

Fists flew. Slaps stung. She screamed. I screamed.

‘Surrender!’ I said, holding her in a headlock.

‘Get off, you crazy cow.’


‘Okay, okay.’

I released her, and she scurried away.

I went to work the next day, feeling quite pleased with myself—again, I was the Shopping Wrestling Champion.

‘Michaela,’ said a man’s voice. I looked up at Paul, the company boss. ‘Meet your new office manager Susan.’

I faced Susan and gasped. My new manager was my latest shopping victim.

The End

Copyright © 2020 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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