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Privet Drive - Studio Tour Entrance

[Studio Tour Entrance]

Last month I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour for the fourth time. Yes, you read that right; I visited the studios again – I just love the place. This time, however, I was able to go inside Number Four, Privet Drive.

For a short time, the public was allowed to step inside Number Four, Privet Drive. Ever since the studios opened, we Muggles were only allowed to pose outside of the house. So when the doors finally opened, I couldn’t wait to get inside and have a good look. The opening of Privet Drive is part of the celebration of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’s fifteenth anniversary. There are many other events that have and will be happening throughout the year.

The New Features

Privet Drive - Studio Tour - Sorting Hat

[The Sorting Hat]

The opening of Privet Drive isn’t the only change to the Studio Tour. The first thing I spotted once I walked into the Great Hall was the Sorting Hat. Resisting the urge to try the hat on, I took photos of the hat and gazed admiringly at it – it’s funny how impressive a hat can be.

Privet Drive - Studio Tour - Dursleys' Costumes

[Dursleys’ Costumes]

Another new feature to the Studio Tour is the Dursleys’ costumes. The Dursleys’ costumes were placed in The Big Room where you can see many sets, props, and costumes.

Also in The Big Room visitors were able to see the equipment that was used for shooting Harry’s Hogwarts letters through the letterbox of Number Four, Privet Drive. And after you watched the letter shooting display you could then take one of the Hogwarts letters for yourself – I always dreamed of receiving my acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

The final new feature also links back to the first Harry Potter film where you can have a go at instructing your broomstick to come up from the ground.

Inside Privet Drive

After having some yummy Butterbeer and a chocolate muffin, we rushed out to the Backlot and jumped into the queue for Privet Drive. Like a child eager to open their birthday presents, I couldn’t wait to have a look inside the house. So many times I’ve come to the Studio Tours and stood in front of Number Four, Privet Drive wishing I could have a look inside, and finally, my wish came true.

Privet Drive - Studio Tour - Inside Number Four Privet Drive

[Inside Number Four Privet Drive]

Due to the number of people and the size of the house, I never had the chance to take as many photos as I could have liked, but I did get to see the added details, such as Dudley’s certificates. I also stuck my head round to have a good look at the living room which was filled with suspended Hogwarts letters. And when I left the house, I could see how the brickwork for Number Four, Privet Drive is made from smooth fibreglass panels.

The Gift Shop

Hufflepuff notepad and pen

[Hufflepuff notepad and pen]

I must warn anyone who hasn’t been to the Warner Bros. Studio Tours that you could spend at least an hour, if not more, in the gift shop. It’s like a magical paradise. One can easily spend far too much money in there. I, however, didn’t go crazy this year. I bought a Hufflepuff notebook set and pen – I’m a Hufflepuff (and proud) according to Pottermore – and I bought a Deathly Hallows charm for my charm bracelet. I plan to get a new charm every time I visit the studios – yes, I do plan to go again.

Even though I’ve been to the Studio Tours three times already, I still spotted features that I had never seen before. An example of this is the images that are on the walls of the Great Hall.

Overall, it was a great day, and I would definitely go back. If you want to find out more about the Studio Tour, then visit the Warner Bros Studio Tour website.

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