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With the first draft of my novel completed, I now have time to focus on other areas of my writing journey. So this week, as well as working through my paid course, I have also continued with my free courses and submitted a story.

The paid course is going well, at the moment. I’ve only done the introduction module, but I’ve learned some new things already. It looks like the course is money well spent, but only time will tell. It’s really important to learn as much as I can, so I can improve my current skills, and have a better chance of being published. The course isn’t a magic wand, but it doesn’t hurt to gain more information. This is a journey, after all, a journey full of discovery about yourself and the world of writing. Even though I’m doing this new course, I haven’t turned my back on the free courses. The free courses have helped to improve my skill level, and have gotten me this far in my writing journey. The free course I’m doing is called Synopsis writing, it also discusses query letters, so hopefully soon I can put what I learned into practice, when I get my novel submission ready. The course can be found at this website, but there’s an issue with it.

So what about my short stories? Well, I’ve been bad and missed a deadline, which I’m not happy about because I had a good story for the Strangely Funny II submission call. However, the last thing I wanted to do was to submit an unfinished story. It’s better to take the time and edit it properly rather than rush and just send it off. However, all is not lost. I’m sure I can find somewhere else to submit the story too, and there are plenty of interesting submission calls. The History and Horror, Oh my! Has caught my attention. I love history, so this should be an interesting project. I did, however, as mentioned before, submit a story to the Journals of Horror Found fiction submission call, but I’m not so sure about that story. You never know though they may like it, or it might end up being disintegrated by the flames of rejection, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

With so many plans, I need to pull my socks up and get on with it because soon enough I’ll have a novel to perfect.

Keep writing, folks!

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