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‘Not so Fake After All’ is a 414-word flash fiction. I wrote this story for one of my writing group assignments. For the assignment, we had to write a story about a phony psychic having a real paranormal experience.

At first I hadn’t planned to submit the story. I was going to use it as a starting point for a short story rather than a flash fiction, however, when I saw the submission call for the National Flash-Fiction Day’s FlashFlood Journal I decided that the story would be ideal, and I was right.

Being part of the FlashFlood was a new experience for me. For those who don’t know, the FlashFlood is a day where flash fiction stories are published throughout the day. This year there were 148 stories. Last year, I had read many of the stories published, so when I saw the submission call I decided to give it ago.

Story Blurb

Paula is a psychic who goes by the name of Miriam. She has been claiming to help those who have ghost issues, even though, the talent she claims to have is as fake as her wig. On visiting her next client, Laura, she soon learns that things might not be so fake after all.

You can find ‘Not so Fake After All’ on the FlashFlood Journal.

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