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Not so long ago I wondered how we got to March so quickly and now the month has nearly finished. It’s quite frightening when you realise how fast your life is going by. I suppose that’s why it’s important for me to explore this writer’s journey, to see what can come from these stories of mine. I have high hopes and deep fears, but this journey is something I do not regret. It’s like another door to who I am has opened.

So what have I been up to lately? Well, as you know, I’ve been writing my first novel, and I’m now roughly at 75,900 words. I know wow right. I’m still shocked that I have been able to write so much on one story, but it just keeps growing. I’m more in love with the story and characters than I was when I started. The excitements still there, and, even though, the finishing line seems like a speck of dust, I’m still enjoying the process. There’s no place like home, right? And writing sure feels like home.

Novel aside, I have many other projects on the go at the moment. I’m working on my submission for the Human Echoes Podcast What Does the Dark Fear? I hope it’s scary enough, fingers crossed. Recently, I’ve also come across some examples of two sentence horror stories, which are good. So I’ve decided to take on the challenge, and see what magic I can come up with. Stay posted, I will be uploading them here soon.

I’m doing so much stuff at times that I feel like I’m twizzling, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keep writing, folks!

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