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Pen to Paper

Post date: 5th March 2013
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Pen to Paper

After a long break, I have finally begun to write again. Since beginning this journey I had become obsessed with the idea of being published. So I wrote then submitted, wrote and submitted. Then came the long line of rejection kicks that left me feeling winded and deflated. Just like with many things in my life, I found myself at a crossroad. Do I continue or stop? Maybe I’m not good enough to write. Then an idea came to me. I was churning out stories rather than taking the time to edit them properly and as a writer, yes, strangely enough, I can now call myself that. A story that isn’t ready to be published won’t be published, and sometimes a story needs to find the right home. Not every editor or publisher is the right place for your story.

So I took a break and started to edit my stories. I still needed to know if I was good enough to write. I wanted to know if my stories affected people in the right way, so even though I was vulnerable, I uploaded my story ‘Cake for a Neighbour’ to Shortbread stories. I wanted the feedback and prepared myself for the negatives that I assumed would follow, but to my surprise, people liked it, not hundreds of people just a handful, but even that was enough to give me a little confidence. Of course, I had some feedback, my grammar was off, but people thoroughly enjoyed the overall story. However, even with that I began to slowly turn my back on writing, but when the new year came I told myself, “Nicole you’ve got stories to share with people, so you must share them.” And with the little reminder that people do like what I have written, I have returned my pen to paper and slowly a story unfolds. This maybe my best story to date, but only time will tell.

Keep writing, folks!

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