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Ted’s Secret by Nicole J. Simms

‘Where are you going?’

Ted, my husband, turned from the front door. ‘Just out with the guys,’ he said, avoiding eye contact.

I waddled closer to the front door, supporting my bump with my hand. ‘You’ve been out twice this week already. Why can’t you stay here with me? My feet are killing me, and you promised to rub them for me.’

‘Sorry, hun, I’ll do it when I get back, promise.’ Before I could object, Ted opened the front door and slipped outside.

Again, Ted had abandoned me. His secretive outings had become more regular ever since our last fight. ‘It’d be nice if you knitted something, you know, like a blanket for the little one. I still got the one mom made for me,’ Ted had said.

‘Knit, are you crazy? Why would I knit a blanket when I could just buy one?’

‘I-I-I just thought it would be nice. I know my mom would have made one if she were here.’

‘Well, I’m sorry, Ted, I know you miss her, but she isn’t here, and I’m not your mom.’

Ted’s face reddened. ‘I never said you were.’

That was the beginning of our fight, and ever since that day Ted had gone out several times a week claiming to be meeting up with friends.

Well, I had assumed that Ted was meeting up with his friends until I bumped into Zach, Ted’s best friend, while out shopping for baby clothes with Cindy. ‘No, I’ve not seen Ted out for a while. The guys and I were worrying about him. He doesn’t even come out…’ Zach paused and studied my face, which must have shown my anger. ‘Oh, anyway, I better get going,’ said Zach, realising he had dropped Ted in it.

‘What do you mean you haven’t seen him in a while?’ I snapped.

‘Sorry, gotta go,’ said Zach, turning and hurtling away.

‘So where is Ted going?’ said Cindy.

‘The question isn’t where, it’s with whom,’ I said, fists clenched. Ted’s high school friends were the only friends he ever went out with.

‘Oh, he isn’t, is he?’

‘Yes, Cind, Ted’s cheating on me.’

Finally admitting the uncomfortable truth, I asked Cindy to pick me up so we could follow Ted. On Tuesday night, one of his regular nights out, I pretended to go out with Cindy. We waited in Cindy’s new Clio – luckily Ted hadn’t seen her new car yet – at the bottom of the street. At five minutes past seven, Ted’s navy blue Megane sped past us, and we followed.

Ted parked in front of a row of semi-detached houses on a suburban street. We parked a few car lengths away and waited. Ted, with his rucksack on his back, jogged to the black door in the middle of the row of houses and rang the doorbell. The door opened, and a pregnant blonde-haired woman hugged him and showed him inside.

‘Oh, dear,’ said Cindy.

‘How could he?’ I threw open the car door and waddled over to the house. ‘Let me in. I know you’re in there,’ I shouted, hammering on the door.

The door opened, and the blonde woman stared at me. ‘Can I help you?’

I pushed the woman aside and entered the first room on the right. I gazed around the room, mouth open. The blonde and I weren’t the only pregnant women. Sitting on the two leather sofas in the room were four pregnant women. ‘How many women have you knocked up? Is this some kind of cult?’ I said, focusing on Ted, who sat on a dining chair by the fireplace and held a ball of yarn in his hand. ‘How could you, Ted, how could you cheat on me?’

Ted stood up and placed the yarn on the chair. ‘Honey, I’m not cheating on you, and this isn’t a cult.’

‘Then what’s going on?’

Ted sighed. ‘I’m learning to knit.’

The End

Copyright © 2018 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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