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The Breaking of Christmas by Nicole J. Simms

Here is my Christmas drabble (100-word story) trio.

Krampus vs Santa

‘You’ve been insulting me again.’ Krampus prodded Santa in the back.

Santa eased round on the bar stool. ‘Ho! Ho! Ho! It is you who’s been insulting me.’

‘Let’s end this.’

‘Ho! Ho! Ho! Yes, let’s take it outside.’

Outside the North Pole Bar, Santa’s and Krampus’s elves circled the fighting duo.

‘You’re going down, fatty.’ Krampus growled.

‘Ho! Ho! Ho!’

Krampus clawed Santa’s face.

Krampus’s elves cheered.

Santa slapped Krampus’s face.

Santa’s elves cheered.

A magical swirl surrounded Krampus and Santa and a hole formed beneath them. Before they could run, they plummeted down the magical hole, trapped forever.

The End

The Betrayal

‘Hello, Ogre Nighttaker, may I join you,’ said Shinny Upatree.

Ogre nodded.

Shinny sat beside Ogre and sighed.

‘What’s wrong?’ asked Ogre.

‘I hate that Santa gets all the attention when it is us that does all the hard work.’

Ogre rubbed his chin. ‘I feel the same way about Krampus.’

‘If only we could take their place.’

‘There might be a way.’


‘I found a rule in Krampus’s Christmas Magic book.’

‘Really, what’s the rule?’

‘If Santa and Krampus fight, they will unbalance the Christmas magic, and they will be removed. ’

Shinny smirked. ‘I have a plan.’

The End


With Santa and Krampus trapped, Shinny Upatree and Ogre Nighttaker took over their roles. However, chaos soon ensued, leaving the elves on both sides furious.

‘We need Santa and Krampus back,’ said Shinny.

‘I know, but the elves already tried and failed.’ Ogre sighed.

‘Yes, but we haven’t tried.’

‘But what can we do?’

‘Hmm, dividing them caused this, so reuniting them may bring them back.’

Both in agreement, they hurried to Santa and Krampus’s prison.

Shinny peeked down the hole. ‘Oh, Santa,’ he cried.

‘Master, no,’ said Ogre.

Gnawing on a horn, Santa sat beside a pile of bones.

The End

Copyright © 2019 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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