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The Green Light

Post date: 19th March 2013
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The Green Light

A few weeks ago, I got some great news. My short story ‘Sister Replacement’ has been accepted and will be published at the start of April, by Alfie Dog Fiction. Even writing this now, I’m still sure that someone will shout April fools, even though it’s not even April yet. But after having so many no’s you start to wonder if you’ll ever get that yes. When I first heard the news, half of me wanted to do a little dance while the other half was cautious. However, after seeing that my author profile has been uploaded the urge to dance increases and the cautious feeling fades. I can’t wait for the day my story goes live. Maybe the excitement will take over me, and I’ll start break dancing. Doing that will be another achievement considering I can’t actually break dance. I will be giving myself a pat on the back, that’s for sure, absorb all the tingles of joy, and probably do a little dance around.

This acceptance was the confidence boost that I needed. Even against all the red this little green light shines so brightly. I feel that I can do this. Rejection may continue to knock on my door, but if I continue to work hard, I believe I will also get some more acceptances coming my way. It’s those acceptances, the acceptances of the future that gives me the strength to keep writing, and keep writing I shall.

Writing news

I have finally finished my current story. It’s titled ‘Pursuit of Misery’, this may change during the editing process, but for the moment that’s the title. I’m now planning a new story for an anthology submission call called The Dragon and the Butterfly. I hope that what I come up with will be accepted, but if not, I’m sure there’ll be another home for it. I’m also rewriting the story ‘My New Life’, so I’m hoping to send that off soon. That’s it for the moment. Hopefully, soon, I’ll have some more good news to share with you all.

Keep writing, folks!

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