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The Rose and I

It’s January, it’s cold, it’s windy, and we’ve had a lot of rain, but in the garden sits a striking pink rose. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw it bloom. Do roses grow in January?

It amazes me how something so small and delicate can be so resilient against the harsh environment. It stands firm unwilling to yield from the pressures of the world. It’s winning so far. It is a little battered around the edges, but it’s still there, still fighting to survive.

It’s inspiring. I sit and wonder if I could be the same as the rose. While faced with nothing but rejection and plagued by self-doubt, could I also stand firm? Could I fight to reach this goal? Could I try to win when it’s so much easier to lose? I hope so because this writing journey of mine will be as challenging for me as the weather has been for the rose.

What does fill me with hope is that even after all the rose’s petals are gone, one day the rose will rise again strong and determined, rebuilt and ready to continue the survival battle.

I was once a little girl who dreamed of being a writer. Now, I’m a young woman with short stories published and the confidence to write a novel, which I never thought I would do. Life is a funny thing.

I’m two weeks away from my novel writing start date, 1st February 2014. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. What I’m most excited about is writing ‘The End’ when I’ve finally finished my first draft. Yes, that will be an achievement, and then whatever follows will be a huge bonus. I do want to be a novelist. The idea gives me butterflies not because I’m thinking about fame and fortune but because of the thought that readers will hopefully read and enjoy my work, and that I will be able to do what I love full-time. But for now, I will have to keep moving and hope that each step takes me closer to my dream.

Keep writing, folks!

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