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Time Wasting and the New Event

I thought with my novel hidden away and fermenting I would have plenty of time to do what I wanted to do (writing-wise), but it appears that I still have a little time issue. I’ve started a creative writing course, which has now taken place of my writing time and with me enjoying it so much I am spending nearly two hours working my way through, which in the end leaves little time for the editing and planning of my short stories. This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if I didn’t have to consider my day job.

I suppose it also doesn’t help that even after my time wasting blog post I’m still wasting a lot of time. I’m so easily distracted, and before I know it I’ve spent twenty minutes reading articles on Daily Mail, articles that I don’t need to read. However, you can find some interesting stories and not all celeb related. I’m hoping that I can be firm with myself and start getting through that growing editing pile.

Not only am I wasting time I also have many story ideas fighting each other, and they are all demanding to be written first. I have two novel ideas that want their spot in the limelight, several short stories, and my short story collection to work on. I also can’t resist the short story submission calls. Maybe if I grow extra arms or clone myself, I will finally be able to get on track.

Woes aside, I have an exciting event coming up next week. I get to, for the first time, meet an author. Her name is Sharon Bolton, and after reading her Dead Scared book I was keen for more. It was one of those moments where you get to the end and say, “Oh no, is that it? No. I need more.” Then you go to your nearest bookshop and buy another one of their books. I bought two of her books, see photo. So on Tuesday, Sharon Bolton will be talking about her new book in the Lacey Flint Series titled A Dark and Twisted tide. I’m hoping to get my copy signed, and the other two I happen to have ;-). So stay tuned for my blog post about that event.

It has been two years since I started this journey, and even though I do wish I was further ahead I don’t think I’m doing too bad. Maybe one day a reader will be discussing meeting me, just maybe.

Keep writing, folks!

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