Nicole J. Simms


Welcome to my website. This website is my writing portfolio where you can see all my published stories. As well as a portfolio of work, from here you can keep up to date with my latest news, and my general thoughts on this unexpected writing journey of mine. So if you're a publisher, editor, reader, alien, etc., please feel free to browse.

Latest Blog Post

  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Group photos
  • My Visit to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

  • 19th May 2018

  • On 28th April 2018, my fellow Oldbury Writing Group members and I visited the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This was the first time I had ever gone to the ...Read More

  • April 2018 Writing Goals Review and May 2018 Writing Goals
  • April 2018 Writing Goals Review and May 2018 Writing Goals

  • 5th May 2018

  • Another month has gone, and that means I have completed all of my writing goals for April. Ha, yeah right, I wish that was the case. Instead, another month has ...Read More

Latest Published Work

  • My New Test Subject
  • My New Test Subject

  • 23rd November 2017

  • ‘My New Test Subject’ is a science fiction horror flash fiction story. This story was written for Oldbury Writing Group’s creative writing newspaper. We (Oldbury Writing Group) were asked to ...Read More

  • From Sunrise to Sunset by The Oldbury Writing Group
  • From Sunrise to Sunset

  • 27th April 2017

  • From Sunrise to Sunset is a World War Two anthology of short stories and poems written by the Oldbury Writing Group. This anthology focuses on the people rather than the ...Read More

Latest Stories

  • It’s a Full Moon Tonight by Nicole J. Simms
  • It’s a Full Moon Tonight

  • 28th April 2018

  • ‘Wow, Miss, it’s a full moon tonight.’ Helen Gibbs grabbed the board marker pen off the floor and straightened. Her eyes locked onto Stuart Greenwich. He smirked. ‘How dare you, ...Read More

  • Mission M by Nicole J. Simms
  • Mission M

  • 31st March 2018

  • I used to love making paper aeroplanes. During class, I would write a secret message on them and fly them to Tommy, my best friend. And it was on one ...Read More