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Post date: 6th December 2013

So after waiting 36 days, I finally got a result for one of my stories, and it wasn’t good. My story received another rejection; however, this time I got some feedback, which is great if you can get it. Apparently, my story is confusing. I suppose, with this story, I forgot to switch to my reader’s hat when I read the story. With my love for twist endings, I think I might have left the reader going, “I don’t get it”, rather than “Oh, I see, you got me there.” So I’ve put that on the re-editing pile and after a break I will read it, hopefully as a reader and see where the issue lies.

I’ve also recently found out that another story didn’t make the top 5 of the Spinetinglers competition, but if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting a yes. I’ve been submitting my stories to there for over a year and never got a yes, so far. My fingers are crossed for the Christmas competition though.

While this week’s news was disappointing, I’m not going to stop there. The editor did say that even after the rejection I am free to submit another story to them. This might be them trying to be polite, but I’ll take it as a “hmm, not right, but try again because there’s potential there.” So I can’t allow myself to dwell on this rejection. I just need to dust myself off and try again. I have 3 other stories out there at the moment, so fingers crossed. I did read something that I wrote for my Horror Tree Guest Blog posts. You need to remind yourself of why you are doing this, and remember the good feelings you get from it, whether it’s when you finish a story or if you are published. I did that today, remembered how I felt, and it’s all I need to keep going.

As mentioned before, I’m aiming to enter the Spinetinglers Christmas competition. The story I’m working on is actually scaring me as I write it. I just hope the editor feels the same as they read. I’ve entered so many stories into the Spinetinglers monthly competitions and would love to win one. One can hope, I suppose.

This writing journey sure is such a long road, but even though I face endless desert and severe dehydration, I must continue until I reach the oasis.

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