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Cake for a Neighbour

Post date: 29th January 2013
Cake for a Neighbour

‘Cake for a Neighbour’ is a 777-word flash fiction story. The story is about a baker called Sally who has decided to finally make that cake that she had promised her neighbour, but unlike the other cakes she has made, this one is full of complications and masks a secret.

This story idea came to me while doing an activity in one of my free creative writing courses (Short Story Writing). For the activity, I had to write a story that looked at the desire beneath the desire. One of the examples given was a short story by Ned Merrill called The Swimmer. The main characters main aim was to swim home, but his deeper desire was to flee the reality of his life. So from this activity I came up with the story ‘Cake for a Neighbour’ which focuses on Sally wanting to bake a cake, but there is a deeper desire, one that the reader doesn’t expect.

If you would like to read this story, you can view it on the Shortbread Stories website.

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