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I’m on a Submission Roll

Post date: 14th November 2013

I’ve done it. I’ve submitted my story a day before the deadline. It’s still close mind, but it’s done. I clicked on that send button and sent my story on a mission. Hopefully, it will succeed. So I allowed myself some time to be proud and then the nerves kicked in. I have two of my babies out there. I’m hoping I won’t get a “damn your babies are ugly” comments.

Even so, there is a possibility that another story will be joining the two. I surprised myself I said, “Right another one done best get editing another.” I looked at the other story on my list and realised that I’m nearly done, with the editing. Just one more read through, have my beta reader check it, and then I’m done. I’ve promised her a house in the country if I’m ever successful kind of a payment for all the nightmares I’ve given her. So right now I feel on a roll, maybe I’m getting on top of this editing, after all, hmm maybe not. But it’s all good. I have another story, stories, that are begging to be written. For now I need to hold off because I have to make a big dent in this editing pile.

This journey has been a rollercoaster ride, but I’m LOVING IT. I hope people love what I do because I can’t stop. I hope that soon I’ll have some good news. Come on stories; shake what ya momma gave ya!

Novel news: I’m still planning and probably will be for a very long time lol, but it is coming together. I have one good story there.

Website news: Still need to redesign, but got a clear idea of what I want, just need to do a photo shoot.

My latest, The Horror Tree, post can be found at the link below.

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