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It’s a Full Moon Tonight

Post date: 28th April 2018
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It’s a Full Moon Tonight by Nicole J. Simms

‘Wow, Miss, it’s a full moon tonight.’

Helen Gibbs grabbed the board marker pen off the floor and straightened. Her eyes locked onto Stuart Greenwich. He smirked. ‘How dare you, get out of my classroom,’ she shouted.

Stuart spanked his bottom and left the room.

The class laughed.

Stuart’s words had haunted Helen throughout the summer holidays, so much so that she had started on a strict diet and exercise regime.

With the summer holidays over, and now a size eight, Helen stood at her desk in preparation for her class to enter. I’ll show that little git, she thought.

As usual, Stuart was the last to enter the classroom. His eyes fell on Helen. ‘Oh, Miss, you’ve lost weight. You could be a model.’ Stuart sat down.

Helen’s face filled with pride. ‘Thank you, Stuart, now let’s do the register.’

‘It’s a shame about your face, though. You look like my nan now.’ Stuart winked.

The class erupted into laughter.

‘Get out of my classroom,’ she said, face burning with embarrassment.

Stuart rose from his seat, grinned and moonwalked out of the classroom.

Helen stroked her forehead. Do I really look old? Not able to answer her question, she sighed and picked up the register.

The End

Copyright © 2018 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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