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Post date: 22nd July 2013
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I once had a dream. I was going to be a successful web designer with an impressive career. I believed that if I worked hard enough, I could achieve all that I desired. So, I worked hard, almost bringing myself to the brink of exhaustion. Then when it came to collect my prize, I was faced with nothing but rejection, disappointment and the overwhelming feelings of failure. I banged my head against those doors hoping to break through and claim my reward, but the steel impossibilities stopped me moving any further. So what did I get from all that hard work and determination? Nothing but a broken soul.

My nail scratches displayed my desperate bid to escape the pit of doom. All hope high out of reach, but then I saw it. A gentle hand held out for mine. Its touch offered me comfort in the dark. Then one day it started to pull on me, bit by bit I edged closer to the top. But as the hand pulled me out a weight chained to my ankle pulled me back. I felt I would forever be stuck like this, never fully escaping the misery. Then it happened. I was yanked out, and now able to feel the full force of hope. And I’ve been on a new and exciting journey ever since.

What was the hand you ask? Well, it was two things, but the one I’m referring to is my writing. I had embarked on a new adventure exploring what I had once dreamt about as a child. It gave me purpose when I felt there wasn’t one. Since then I have achieved more than I thought possible. I have been published twice. One is even in a book; a book that you can hold before you. Even so, as I delve into this new path, fear still grips me. The thought of failure burdens me, but still, I write. I write with the hope that maybe I can see myself as good enough. That maybe I’m finally on the right path. A path to things I have only ever imagined. Nicole J. Simms, the author. Could it be?

Keep writing, folks!

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