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  • Cake for a Neighbour by Nicole J. Simms
  • Cake for a Neighbour

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    2nd August 2020

    ‘I’ll make a cake. That’s what I’ll do, and I’ll make it now.’ Sally rushed into the pantry, pushing pots and pans aside. Where was it? Oh, she really did...Read More

  • Behind You by Nicole J. Simms
  • Behind You

    Filed under: Stories

    28th June 2020

    I sit at the dining table, staring at the Facebook video call window on my laptop screen. ‘Oh, where is Anna?’ Thanks to the bloody Covid-19 Lockdown, I haven’t seen...Read More

  • She Torments Her by Nicole J. Simms
  • She Torments Her

    Filed under: Stories

    31st May 2020

    Clunk! Creak! Clunk! Creak! Clunk! Creak! Someone’s shuffling towards Janet’s bedroom door again. Janet knows it’s not her husband — he’s working away. And it’s not her little Billy —...Read More

  • I Can Be Beautiful Too by Nicole J. Simms
  • I Can Be Beautiful Too

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    27th April 2020

    Did your father ever give you a nickname? Mine did, but there was no love behind the name, only hate. I wasn’t his princess, his sweetie or his pumpkin. No,...Read More