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  • Ted’s Secret by Nicole J. Simms
  • Ted’s Secret

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    25th February 2018

    ‘Where are you going?’ Ted, my husband, turned from the front door. ‘Just out with the guys,’ he said, avoiding eye contact. I waddled closer to the front door, supporting...Read More

  • Calling in the Parents by Nicole J. Simms
  • Calling in the Parents

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    29th January 2018

    Sophie Ellis glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed. It was five fifteen, and Samuel’s parents still hadn’t arrived. She had worried about this, feared the response she...Read More

  • The Christmas Present Mix-up by Nicole J. Simms
  • The Christmas Present Mix-up

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    29th December 2017

    Grinning, I handed Hannah, my wife, her Christmas present. I knew I had done better this year. Hannah shook and squeezed the present. Thankfully, nothing breakable was inside. ‘What is...Read More

  • No Walkies Today by Nicole J. Simms
  • No Walkies Today

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    24th November 2017

    The possession changed Kaitlyn’s dad. He didn’t watch football, drink beer, or complain. She liked the change. ‘Where are you going?’ asked Kaitlyn’s Mum, hands on hips. Kaitlyn faced her...Read More