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The Book of Drabbles by Nicole J. Simms

Download The Book of Drabbles

The Book of Drabbles is an e-book collection of twenty drabbles (100-word stories). The stories range from heartfelt to spooky.

In this collection, social media distracts a superhero, a friendship ends, a case of mistaken identity proves fatal, a beer thief is on the loose, a boy regrets hunting for the Bogeyman, a woman struggles to deal with becoming a killer, a witch’s secret is revealed, a girl finds hope again after a tragic loss, plus many more stories all told in exactly 100 words.

I had the idea to create this e-book last year December. I had already started work on a flash fiction collection, but I realised I would need to give people a sample of my writing before they would be prepared to buy a book from me. So, the idea for The Book of Drabbles was born. Over the years, I have written many drabbles, which were left unpublished, so I wrote some new drabbles, gathered the new and old together and edited them to complete the collection.

I chose to publish my e-book on Smashwords because it was one of the recommended e-book publishers, and you can offer your book for free, which is what I wanted to do. Publishing with Smashwords is simple enough. It is advised that you first read their style guide before you attempt to format and submit your e-book, and I would recommend that you do if you want an easier life. Now, the guide is 117 pages long, but you shouldn’t let that put you off from reading it because it’ll help you to avoid any issues that might arise from inaccurate formatting. I managed to successfully publish my e-book without having any errors or issues to fix, and I do believe that is because of the style guide. So, yes, do read the style guide, not once, but twice and possibly three times.

I have also completed a Smashwords interview, so you can find out more about my writing life, including when I started writing and my favourite authors.

The Book of Drabbles – A Collection of 100-Word Stories is now available to download for FREE!

You can download it from all e-book retailers, for example:



Barnes and Noble


If you do read my book, I would love it if you left me a review.

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