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The Christmas Present Mix-up

Post date: 29th December 2017
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The Christmas Present Mix-up by Nicole J. Simms

Grinning, I handed Hannah, my wife, her Christmas present. I knew I had done better this year.

Hannah shook and squeezed the present. Thankfully, nothing breakable was inside. ‘What is it?’

‘Open it.’ I glanced at Malcolm, my brother, and winked. He shook his head and looked away.

Hannah unwrapped the present and pulled out a red bra and thong set. She smirked and checked the label. Damn it, how could I be so stupid! I thought. Hannah’s smile faded, and she glared at me. ‘I’m not a size eight.’

I grabbed the present from Hannah. ‘Sorry, that’s not yours.’ I passed it to Sharon, Malcolm’s wife. ‘Here you go, Sharon. This is for you.’ I looked at Malcolm. ‘Sorry for ruining the surprise, Malcolm.’ I need to stop wrapping presents for Malcolm, I thought.

‘I’m also not a size eight,’ said Sharon, shoving the present in Malcolm’s hand.

The End

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