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The Snowflakes of Time

Post date: 26th March 2015
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Firewords 4

‘The Snowflakes of Time’ is a 352-word flash fiction.

I wrote this story for the Firewords Quarterly Issue 4 winter theme submission call. The story or poem had to include or be inspired by the sentence: “When the snow finally stopped falling…” For my story, I decided to link the snow with the passing of time, and that’s how I came up with my final story.

I’m very pleased with this story, especially since it’s my first story to feature in a literary magazine. The story shows how much I have grown as a writer, and I’m looking forward to seeing it in print.

Story Blurb

Anna’s husband, Greggory, promised her one last Christmas, and then he will be leaving. Torn between grief and rage, Anna struggles to deal with her impending future until the snow finally stops falling, and Anna’s new life begins.

You can find ‘The Snowflakes of Time’ in Firewords Quarterly – Issue 4.

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