Nicole J. Simms

The Writing Group Experience

Post date: 24th August 2014

I did it, Friday came, and I took myself off to experience my first writing group. The nerves were there, but alongside that I felt excited.

On the bus, I thought about what I could contribute to the group. I’ve never been a fan of what I call ‘circle time’, where we sit around and discuss an issue, but unlike the other times this was an opportunity to discuss a topic that I actually have a lot to talk about. I have knowledge and experiences that I would like to share; this is why I do my guest posts on The Horror Tree.

I arrived 30 minutes early. I was told that the woman organising the group was in a room, so I walked towards the room and popped my head round the corner. The room, however, was empty apart from a cardboard cut-out of a woman. I must admit that I did wonder if the woman, organising the event, had been transformed into a cardboard cut-out, crazy I know, but my imagination just took over. So I peeked into the room again to make sure the woman wasn’t hiding behind anything, but the room remained empty. So to pass the time I strolled down the book aisle and pretended to be interested in the books presented on the shelf. I wasn’t, but I needed to distract myself from the fear of being the only person present. Feeling unable to wander around anymore, I sat on a seat by the door and pulled out my Sharon Bolton book. I was about to dive into the world of murder when a woman came up to me. Thankfully the woman hadn’t been turned into a cardboard cut-out.

We talked for a while, but I still feared being the only one here. I, however, had no need to burden my mind with fear; soon enough people came into the room: one by one all looking slightly apprehensive. There was no reason to be worried because the conversation flowed, and we all appeared excited about the prospect of further meetings.

I have homework to complete, which is something I haven’t had for a while. I need to write a paragraph about my favourite place. Normally I would be fine with such activities, but this is a story I will have to read out, and leave myself open to criticism, which anyone with self-doubt knows is a scary thought. However, I shall complete the task; I just hope my piece doesn’t suck as much as Mr. Self Doubt tells me it does.

I’m looking forward to next week. It’s interesting to see such a diverse group joined by one common thing, and this is the love of writing.

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back, and don’t forget to read my self-doubt fighting posts on The Horror Tree website.

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