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Exploring AuthorTube - My 10 Favourite Writers on YouTube

‘Wow, I got to check out these writers on YouTube.’ This is what I said when I found The Write Life’s ‘YouTube Channels for Writers’ article.

I found this article at the perfect time. I was too ill to work, write or go to my writing group meetings, so I was bored and lonely. Then I found this list of AuthorTubers (a name for authors or writers on YouTube), which enabled me to still feel part of the writing world.

After watching a video by each writer on the list, YouTube started recommending even more AuthorTubers for me to watch. And my list of favourites grew to become this final 10.

1. Kate Cavanaugh

Kate is a freelance writer and aspiring hybrid author.

She posts a selection of videos, such as daily NaNoWriMo vlogs, writing experiments, writing-related chats, ‘I tried writing like…’ videos, live write-ins, travel vlogs and BookTube videos (videos about books and book reviews).

YouTube recommended one of Kate’s videos to me during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). She vlogged daily during NaNoWriMo, and I found her videos inspiring and motivating.

Since then, I’ve watched many videos by Kate, and I’ve enjoyed them all. She’s the kind of person I could be friends with, and I love the range of videos that she offers. And, like me, she’s also hard on herself, which is something I can understand and relate too—it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

2. Alexa Donne

Alexa is a traditionally published YA author. On her channel she shares advice on the writing craft, the publishing industry, writing for a YA audience, book reviews, interviews with authors and drafting and editing vlogs.

I can’t remember how I found Alexa’s channel, but I’m glad I did.

I find Alexa’s videos the most useful because she is a traditionally published author, and this is what I want to become. Now, even though she lives in the US, so the process might have differences, I still benefit from what she has to say. By watching some of her videos, I have learned how the advance process works, what control an author has, what to expect if you get a book deal, and so much more.

If you want to know what it’s like to be a traditionally published author, this is the channel for you.

I’ve also found her book Brightly Burning in the library, so I’ll be adding that to my reading list.

3. Jenna Moreci – Writing with Jenna Moreci

Jenna is an indie author, vlogger and cyborg—yes, you read that right. Her videos offer advice and tips for writers. She also does a series where she lists the 10 best or 10 worst of a certain genre, e.g. ‘10 Best Tropes in Dystopian Fiction‘.

Jenna was one of the writers recommended in The Write Life’s article. The first Jenna video I watched was the ‘10 Worst Pieces of Writing Advice’.

After watching the video, I knew I had to watch more. Her videos are informative and hilarious. She’s a real joy to watch, and her videos were a great distraction from real life.

4. Brooke Passmore – bytheBrooke

Brooke is a New Adult writer who is currently working on a New Adult paranormal book set in 1920s New Orleans. She posts writing-related videos or writing vlogs every week.

Her videos were recommended to me during NaNo (NaNoWriMo). I loved how honest she was about her NaNo experience. Seeing her go through her writing issues, but remaining positive, helped me to be less hard on myself.

Brooke is definitely the type of person I could be friends with—she’s bubbly, a Harry Potter fan, loves Disney movies and occasionally breaks out into song. Now that’s my kind of person.

5. Natalia Leigh

Natalia is an indie author of several novels, such as her latest novel Song of the Dryad. She’s also a freelance editor, offering a range of editing services. On her YouTube channel, she posts writing vlogs, live write-ins and tips for writers.

As with some of the other AuthorTubers I have found, Natalia’s NaNo videos were recommended to me. She vlogged regularly during NaNo, and I always looked forward to seeing how Natalia was getting on with her writing.

I enjoy watching Natalia. Her videos are honest and inspiring. She also drinks many interesting herbal teas that sound yummy. And, she practises self-care, which is a good reminder that I need to do the same.

6. Abbie Emmons

Abbie is an indie author, and her debut novel is titled 100 Days of Sunlight. She posts in-depth writing advice videos. And she also vlogs to share her own experiences. Sometimes she provides templates viewers can use for their own writing—some are only for Patrons.

I found Abbie before NaNo. She had some great advice on planning and preparing for NaNo. And she even has a meditation for writers, which I tried before each writing session, which helped to calm me and make me feel less overwhelmed.

Abbie’s videos are informative and helpful. She’s clearly a planner rather than a pantser—her organisational and planning skills are off the scale. This could be intimidating for some writers, especially newbie or pantser writers. But, they are still worth watching, even more so if you’re a planner like me. I’m currently using her 3-act story structure and character profile templates, which have made my planning even more organised.

7. Becca C. Smith

Becca is a YA sci-fi and fantasy author and a screenwriter. Her channel has writing vlogs, live write-ins, and she talks about the writing life. She’s also a skilled sewer—she made an amazing little dragon on the shoulder.

She has started doing a series called Forgotten Female Fiction. In this series, she researches forgotten female sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal writers from the past. The first video in the series is about a writing duo known as Two Women of the West. I watched the first video in the series, and I found it fascinating and informative—I love history, especially relating to writers.

Becca is another NaNo find. She did nearly daily NaNo writing vlogs. She vlogged when things were going well, and she vlogged when things weren’t going well. I found myself being able to relate to the issues she was having—it’s nice to not be alone in the writing struggles.

I really enjoy Becca’s videos. She’s warm and welcoming. I also love that she is a screenwriter, which is something I wish to become.

8. Kat – Katytastic

Kat is a writer who posts writing vlogs, writing tips, book hauls and book-related videos.

Kat was one of the writers suggested in the Write Life’s article. The first video I watched was the ‘Panic! At The Plot Twist’ writing vlog, and I’ve been watching her videos ever since.

I enjoy Kat’s writing vlogs, especially the ‘I Finished Writing My Book’ vlog. In this video, Kat celebrated finally having a submission-ready novel. It was lovely to see how happy (and overwhelmed) she was due to finally finishing her book. That’s a feeling I’m looking forward to having when I eventually complete mine.

9. Katlyn Duncan – Katlyn Duncan Author

Katlyn is a traditionally published author and ghostwriter. She allows viewers to follow her writing journey through her writing and reading vlogs. And she also shares writing and publishing tips.

Katlyn’s NaNo vlogs were recommended to me, and like with the other NaNo vlogs, I looked forward to seeing how she was doing—you feel less alone when others are doing the same thing as you; it makes you feel part of a community.

I enjoyed the vlogs. It’s also good to see the life of another traditionally published author. One video I found useful was the ‘How to Outline a Book Series’, especially as I’ll be working on my series this year. And, even though it’s not something I think I could do, I also found it interesting to see the life of a ghostwriter.

10. Shaelin – ShaelinWrites

Shaelin is a writer, who has just unofficially finished her degree in creative writing. She likes to share her experiences and opinions of the writing life and the writing community. She also likes to do writing vlogs, especially when she goes away to write. And she also shares BookTube content.

Shaelin is another writer from the Write Life’s article. The first video I watched was the ‘Three Books, Two Cats, One Novel Deadline and a Cabin in the Woods’ vlog. I loved how she was able to go away to a cabin and have the peace necessary to write—I would love to do the same.

I enjoy Shaelin’s videos. It’s nice to watch the life of a writer who hasn’t yet published a novel.

Finding AuthorTube has been a blessing. I’ve learned so much from these writers. And it’s a great comfort to me when things don’t go so well, which is often the case.

I would recommend AuthorTube to any writer. However, I must warn you, these videos are addictive, and you could find yourself distracted from your work. So it might be a good idea to limit the time you spend on YouTube.

So, that’s my favourite 10 writers on YouTube.

Have you watched any of the listed AuthorTubers? Or do you have any recommendations? If yes, feel free to comment below.

Keep writing, folks!

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