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Guest Blogger and Published Again

This has been an interesting week in regards to my writing journey. Firstly, I’m going to be a guest blogger on the Horror Tree website. Yes, I finally did it. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and finally plucked up the courage to apply. I’m hoping my advice is useful, in general, I’m always better at helping others than myself, but this time, I’m hoping to do both. My first post should be up soon, so stay tuned.

The next thing that’s happened is that my story ‘Thief Among Friends’ will be published. This news couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been filled with self-doubt again, especially after my recent story rejections. However, it’s just the case of finding the right home for your story. I can’t stop reading the feedback: ‘This is a good and well-written story’. I suppose I’m hoping the more I read it, the more it sinks in. Maybe I can write, and this unrealistic dream, isn’t unrealistic, after all.

With this new achievement, I’m on such a buzz, even though I still have some doubt I think I might just be finally on the right path.

Keep writing, folks!

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