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Merry Dreadmas by Nicole J. Simms

Merry Dreadmas was a last-minute addition to my publishing schedule. My last release, The Book of Drabbles, was published in 2019, and my horror flash fiction is planned to be published in 2021, but that left nothing published for 2020. Then an idea popped into my head: I should write a Christmas horror collection.

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Merry Dreadmas is a collection of Christmas-themed horror flash fictions.

You’ll find the following spooky tales in this collection:

A woman meets her boyfriend’s parents for the first time and unknowingly brings the perfect Christmas gift.

A young man learns that no wish, not even a Christmas one, comes without consequences.

A young couple discovers that a Christmas Instagram challenge can be fatal.

A real Christmas tree doesn’t give a family the perfect Christmas they hoped for.

Santa and his reindeers are missing. And when Mrs Claus tracks them down, what she discovers is worse than she could ever have imagined.

A woman discovers the real meaning behind the nickname her boyfriend calls her when she visits his home for the first time.

A young boy gets more than he bargained for when he attacks an intruder on Christmas Eve.

A woman has an idea to kill her boss with poisoned mince pies, but her plan doesn’t give her the results she was expecting.

The characters in this collection are all different, but they have one thing that unites them: they all learn that not everyone has a Merry Christmas; some have a Merry Dreadmas.

My original plan was to write another drabble collection, but my stories refused to fit into 100 words, so I now have a collection of eight flash fiction stories. But I’m happy with the outcome, and I hope you enjoy reading Merry Dreadmas.

Merry Dreadmas is now available to download for FREE!

You can download the e-book from the following retailers:


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