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My 2018 Writing and Reading Goals

Wow, it’s 2018. I can’t believe it. What happened to 2017? I feel like last year was set at warp speed. It was a crazy year, and not entirely successful (see my post ‘Reflection 2017 – My Writing Year’ for full details). But 2017 is now over, and it’s time to start afresh. A new year means new goals, and this year I have decided to not only have writing goals, but I also will have reading goals – as you know, to write you must read and read widely. Since I started writing I have read a wide selection of books: I’ve read different genres, different story lengths, and books written by authors I haven’t read before. However, for 2018 as with my writing goals, I want to push myself even further.

So, let’s start with my writing goals.

2018 writing goals

Now, you might have noticed that my 2018 goals are even longer than my 2017 goals. While this may not seem like a sensible idea, especially since I didn’t do so well with my 2017 goals, I do have a lot of catching up to do, so for 2018 I aim to do what I should have done in 2017, and I will make some new goals for 2018. However, I’m not completely crazy. I know it will be a difficult task to complete all of my goals, so I have main goals that I definitely want to achieve in 2018 (in pink), and anything else I achieve after that will be a bonus. (Hey, I just love making things difficult for myself lol).

Of course, my first main goal is to finish editing my novel – seriously this needs finishing now. I also have another writing group anthology to prepare stories and poems for, and I would like to finish my flash fiction collection, so I can continue my quest to build a fan base. Also, I want to finish my novella, start on my next standalone novel, and build the village for my supernatural mystery series, so I can start writing those books.

As previously mentioned, I also have reading goals for 2018.

2018 reading goals

Last year I took part in the Goodreads challenge and set myself the task of reading 12 books in 2017. I managed to read 15, so this year I have again set myself the challenge of reading 15 books. I also have reading lists (such as my female horror author reading list) that I want to complete. I’m always reading novels, and so this year I want to focus more on reading short stories and poems. I also want to read more indie authors, especially as I plan to self-publish my flash fiction collection.

To help me complete my goals, I will again be breaking up my goals into monthly goals.

My January Writing Goals

  • Novel 4th draft – edit 50,000 words
  • Write my psychological horror novella
  • Plan 2nd standalone novel
  • Submit 3 short stories
  • Flash Fiction Collection – finalise 4 stories
  • OWG anthology – finalise one story/poem
  • Read The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
  • Read a short story – ‘The Happy Prince’ by Oscar Wilde

So, it looks like I will be busy in 2018 with all these goals. I may not complete them all, but I will do my best, and my best is all I, or anyone, can do.

Do you have any writing goals for 2018? If yes, what are your writing goals?

Happy New Year, everyone!

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