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My New Test Subject

[My story in the newspaper]

‘My New Test Subject’ is a science fiction horror flash fiction story. This story was written for Oldbury Writing Group’s creative writing newspaper. We (Oldbury Writing Group) were asked to contribute to the Made in Oldbury project and write a poem or short story inspired by one of the Sandwell Archive’s photos. My photo was a man who looked like a scientist inspecting liquid in a test tube, and the idea for ‘My New Test Subject’ was born.

The stories and poems written by the group were then brought together and printed as the first Oldbury Writing Group newspaper. The newspaper is now available in local libraries for free, but stocks are limited.

Story blurb

A scientist hates animal testing and shares his views with his assistant. However, the assistant doesn’t agree and enraged by her response, he fires her, but it isn’t long until he discovers a new way to test his products.

You can read ‘My New Test Subject’ and the other stories and poems on the Made in Oldbury website.

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