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No Walkies Today by Nicole J. Simms

The possession changed Kaitlyn’s dad. He didn’t watch football, drink beer, or complain. She liked the change.

‘Where are you going?’ asked Kaitlyn’s Mum, hands on hips.

Kaitlyn faced her mum and smiled. ‘I thought we could go for a walk.’

‘What! Are you out of your mind?’ Kaitlyn stepped back from her mum. She recognised what it meant when her mum’s cheeks flushed. ‘You know you can’t take him outside.’

‘He can’t stay locked up forever. Plus, I’m sick of having to hide my slippers – I’m on my fourth pair.’

‘Forget about your slippers. What do you think the neighbours would say?’

‘But, Mum–’

‘No, buts, he’s staying put.’ Kaitlyn’s Mum folded her arms.

A growl caught Kaitlyn’s attention. She looked down at her dad, who knelt on all fours. Sighing, she lowered the dog lead. ‘Sorry, Dad, it looks like we can’t go for walkies after all.’

The End

Copyright © 2017 Nicole J. Simms. All Rights Reserved.

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