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Q2 2021 Goals Review and Q3 2021 Goals

It’s July, and that means we are in the third quarter of 2021. Wow, we’re halfway through the year. This year is flying by, and I’m struggling to keep up.

I had many plans for the second quarter. I promised myself that I would finally be focused and motivated, but that didn’t happen. It wasn’t a complete failure, though. Q2 was a quarter that involved a lot of rethinking. I figured out what was holding me back, what I wanted to work on and what kind of author I want to be.

So, let’s see what happened in Q2:

  • Edit and publish horror flash fiction collection
    I’m no longer working on this project. Read my ‘My New Plan — A June 2021 Writing Update’ post to find out why.
  • Submit a short story to a submission call
    Nope, I didn’t do this.
  • Plan and write paranormal mystery web serial season one and two
    I changed my mind about doing the serial, so I won’t be working on this for now.
  • Plan and start writing book one in my urban fantasy series
    I didn’t do this because I’m no longer planning to publish this series just yet.
  • Start second draft of second standalone novel
    I didn’t do this because I realised this novel had a YA voice, and I’m not publishing YA under this name.
  • Complete newsletter lead magnets
    I finished The Book of Drabbles audiobook, but I’m still editing the short story that I will also offer to subscribers.
  • Complete author business plan and marketing plan
    I nearly finished the business plan, but I haven’t started the marketing plan yet.
  • Update writer’s website
    No, I didn’t do this. I could never find the time to get this done.
  • Send out three newsletters
    Nope, I didn’t do this because I’m still fighting with the lead magnets.
  • Submit three Horror Tree posts
    Nope, I didn’t do this one.
  • Listen to two podcasts per week
    Yes, I listened to over two writing-related podcasts a week—it’s now part of my weekday routine.
  • Complete urban fantasy reading list
    I stopped reading from the list and started reading books from my supernatural horror and ghost horror indie author reading list.
  • Read three short stories
    Wow, I actually forgot about this goal. So, yeah, I didn’t complete this goal. I don’t feel too bad, though, because I’ve read 52 books so far.
  • Read one poem a week
    I did this for the first two months of the quarter, but I didn’t read any poems during the last month.

As you can see, Q2 didn’t go well, but that quarter has gone, and it’s time to focus on Q3.

Q3 2021 Goals

  • Write, edit and create the cover for book one in my Ghostly horror Novella-in-Flash series
  • Plot and writ book two in my Ghostly horror Novella-in-Flash series
  • Plot and start writing book three in my Ghostly horror Novella-in-Flash series
  • Complete newsletter lead magnets & set up newsletter
  • Update writer’s website
  • Complete author business plan and marketing plan
  • Send out three newsletters
  • Submit three Horror Tree posts
  • Write three poems
  • Complete my Supernatural Horror and Ghost Horror Indie Author Reading List
  • Read five cozy mysteries by indie authors
  • Read five paranormal cozy mysteries by indie authors

I’m hopeful for quarter three. I’m finally happy with my plans, and I’m looking forward to seeing what I achieve.

How did your Q2 go and what are your plans for Q3? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay safe and keep writing, folks!

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