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The Dreaded ‘R’ Word

Last week I received another disheartening rejection. My story ‘When Strangers Meet’ was, for the third time, thrown into the rejection bin. I had torn the story apart when I got my second rejection, they kindly offered me advice on how to improve, so I edited it to death and even ended up changing the story. The changes were necessary, and the story did flow better, so I prepared to send it out to battle again, but sadly another no came my way. I had considered getting rid of the story, but I remembered what I have discovered during my writing journey. It’s down to personal preference. A no doesn’t always mean the story is rubbish. It can mean that the story wasn’t right for that magazine, webzine, or anthology. So I gave it another once over and sent it out again. I am yet to hear anything, but hopefully soon I shall get a yes or no. In the meantime, however, I do have many other stories to plan and write, which has taken my mind off judgement day.

I have a story to edit and submit before the end of May titled ‘Pursuit of Misery’. Well, that’s what I have called it for the moment. This story is one of those where you take all that you are feeling and dump it on a character, and I have to admit it was very therapeutic. I also have two stories to edit ‘Through my eyes’ and ‘The box’ these don’t have a specific deadline yet so I’m hoping I can find a home for both. I’m also currently planning a story titled ‘New Bakery’ for now, for an anthology submission call called ‘Strangely funny’. So I’ve got lots to do in the next few months, and hopefully from these I will gain some more publishing success.

Keep writing, folks!

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