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The Nativity - Christmas Chillers III

‘The Nativity’ is a 1987-word Christmas horror. I originally wrote this story for the Spinetinglers 2014 Christmas competition. However, I wasn’t successful, so I decided to return the story to my editing pile.

Earlier in 2015, I found a submission call for a Christmas horror story. It felt like the perfect place for my story, so after months of editing, I submitted my story and received some great news: my story was accepted.

Story blurb

While Rita Clarkson is on a present hunt for her granddaughter, she bumps into a boy who invites her to watch his nativity. After considering her daughter’s previous warnings, Rita decides to watch the performance believing that no harm could come from watching a nativity. However, after the performance things take a sinister turn and Rita finds out what harm can actually come from watching a nativity.

You can find ‘The Nativity’ in the Christmas Chillers III booklet.

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