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‘You Shall be Mine’ is a story that I wrote for one of my writing group assignments. I had originally titled the story ‘3 minutes to live’. For the assignment, we had to write a story about a character receiving anonymous emails while at work, and when the character responds to the emails the response surprises them.

Due to my love of horror, I decided that something terrible and gruesome would happen to the main character, Sally, once she replied to the emails.

When I read the story to the group, I was met with silence and then came the applause. I, however, was more surprised by the applause. They then insisted that I try to get the story published, so I did as instructed and after several rounds of editing, I finally came up with the final story ‘You shall be mine’.

After submitting my story to the Spinetinglers competition, I found out that my story had won second place.

Story Blurb

Sally receives multiple emails from a secret admirer. Annoyed and unnerved, Sally decides to reply to the emails requesting that they stop. However, the response she receives is something that neither Sally nor anyone else would have expected.

You can find ‘You Shall be Mine’ on the Spinetinglers website.

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